Muslim single men in weed

I am all for the quran but not with weed being illegal i don’t care what mohamed said in the quran its says we may use the herbs of the earth and if it wasn’t for weed i would have never even found the quran new study’s have shown that marijuana is gods plant to humans other man made drugs are bad and cigarettes i agree and of course alcohol. Inside canada's new corporate weed system: canadian cannabis (episode 1) - duration: 20:01 vice 738,183 views 20:01 is smoking weed. What hollywood missed about paradise now by paradise now depicts the two young men smoking a hookah on a break from their job at an auto repair shop then they calmly accept the bombing assignment for which they have volunteered the clue is in the title: the men's motivation is wanting their paradise now, just like the infamous.

Do muslim women smoke how many smoke like in countries like iran saudi arabia ect 1 following 14 i know that it is nothing compared to abusing drugs and alcohol including weed, because those are intoxicants that make you do think irrational under that influence of the intoxicant cigarettes don't do that swearing is. I hear from single men all the time who have nearly given up on the dating scene because their girlfriends end up being cold, bitter, unaffectionate man-haters here’s a quick survey that should filter them out. Smoking weed as a muslim either way, i probably won't stop smoking because it is the single most beneficial thing i have ever used, but i would like to get some opinions smr312 living in the moment joined: jan 15, 2012 messages: 846 likes received: 170 #2 smr312, feb 9, 2012 religion topics are taboo you say one.

Yes they can muslims are no different from other religious denominations can christians smoke weed, catholics, protestants, baptists, buddhists, hindus, or for that matter moromons or jehovah's witness they can all smoke weed and be retarded if they choose to be while most of the above. Meet single women in weed is it that time in your life that you are ready to find a single woman to settle down and have children with or do you just want to find someone new to go tour a beer brewery with this weekend. But anyways, weed is the only thing i haven't tried yet, and i can only stay strong for so long even my muslim friends do it what's wrong if i try it sometime it's a plant that allah almighty put on this earth it's not like i'm that great of a muslim anyway your opinions i really need help i'm only 18 years old, and i've already.

There is this guy i know who likes to smoke marijuana, he is a practising shia muslim, prays etcnow he started the habit on the pretext that it was halal, and that men known as malungs(in his culture) smoke it and often mourn the marydom of imam hussein (as)/celebrate the bith of imam ali (a. This video series is part of my bigger series on weed and hash use, how to quit and why to quit sources-----weed use in muslim history.

In saheeh muslim (3670) it says that asked the prophet (peace and blessings of allaah be upon him) about alcohol and he forbade him or told him not to make it he said: “but i make it as a remedy” he said: “it is not a remedy, it is a disease. Why islam prohibits the recreational use of marijuana aim january 26, 2014 islamic articles, lifestyle & culture 15,812 views marijuana is the most widely used illegal narcotic in the united states and europe according to some annual surveys, after 2007, more teenagers smoked marijuana than cigarettes in the united states many young. Meet indian women who do smoke looking for marriage and find your true love at muslimacom sign up today and browse profiles of indian women who do smoke looking for marriage for free.

(a) a qualified physician that is a pious muslim informs the patient that the medicine can effectively treat the illness, based on high likelihood or near certainty if no such muslim is in one’s locality, then a qualified physician that appreciates the importance of the sacred law for muslims is sufficient.

Muslim single men in weed
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